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The blistering heat and typical mid-summer Minnesota humidity didn’t stop the Pelican Rapids Firemen head out on a fishing excursion to catch some fish for the upcoming Firemen’s campout.  I invited myself along, and had a great time.  The heat/humidity actually made it difficult to breath.  The weather changed from hot to windy to rainy almost every ten minutes.  We braved the condition and came home with a nice limit.  The guys will sure enjoy the fish at the campout.  Nice work.


Todd Kuhn and I participated as a team in the annual Pelican Rapids Summer Fest Bean Bag Tournament.  We actually faired well in the double elimination competition.  We muddled through the blistering heat on black pavement and earned a 4th place finish out of 38 teams.  Money in the pocket never hurts.  Unfortunately, I suffered battle scars to show for the fun.


I have ugly feet to say the least.  They sure hurt for a week the tournament, but it was well worth it.


My dad and I hit the Otter Tail County waters early yesterday in search of a meal of fish.  I think we did all right.  It would have been nice to snag a walleye or six, but we came away with our goal.  The walleye bite has seemed to slow down in the mid-summer.  That is for me anyway.  No matter what species of fish you are in search for, it is hard to beat a mess of Minnesota Blue Gills.  We caught a bunch, threw the little ones back for next year, kept a few to eat, and had a great time. 

Copyright 2011 Matt Soberg


I hadn’t seen a Lady Slipper, the Minnesota state flower, in my life until about 3 years ago.  The flower is so rare and difficult to find.  When people do find them, they often keep it a secret.  Very particular factors dictate where they grow and flourish.  I have heard numerous reasons why they grow in these places from the slope and direction of the hill, or the angle of the sun, or the temperature, or an enzyme in the ground.   I’m not exactly sure why they grow in certain places, but I do know they are rare.

 I actually found two places within the last week where Showy Lady Slippers were growing.  It seemed like a bumper crop this year. 


Copyright 2011 Matt Soberg


Dan and I hit a little lake we know pretty well and decided to enjoy the sunny Minnesota afternoon by doing a little wormin’.  We actually put away the worms and tube jigs and tried about everything in our tackle boxes.  It didn’t matter what we threw.  I used everything from a mini-Mepps to every Rapala combination the company makes.  We caught just about every species of fish you could imagine.  We fished the middle of the day.  It was a special afternoon.

We actually stopped fishing right at the “witching hour” when the bite was hypothetically supposed to start.  We did take some time to take some pictures of the sun heading down.  We should have maybe kept fishing.  Honestly, it had been a long day, and my sunburn was out of control.  The tops of my knees were cherry.  Oh well . . . it is hard to beat times like this in Minnesota.


Copyright 2011 Matt Soberg


For my first Father’s Day with Liam, I was lucky enough for Annie to take me on a Sunday road trip to Leech Lake in Walker, Minnesota.  We trekked through Pelican Rapids, snagged a coffee at McDonalds, headed east at Detroit Lakes, trolled through main street Park Rapids, hit up Paul Bunyan for some pictures, and stopped at my most favorite store in the world, a la Reed’s Sporting Goods.  That was the trip in a nut shell.  The weather was excellent for a drive.  Liam sleeps most of the trip.  He is a good little traveler.  The drive gives Annie and I some well deserved relaxation after the hustle and bustle of our work lives.  We sat on the dock at the Walker Leech Lake Marina, took some cool pictures, and had the most excellent authentic Mexican food at the cantina downtown.  It was grossing Annie out, but I could have eaten a huge bowl of refried beans.  Here are some pictures from our journey:

 Copyright 2011 Matt Soberg